17 June

Avoiding Burn-Out: Making Conscious Choices


I define burn-out as an emptiness inside.  If you are burned out, you have emotional hunger pains that you feel helpless to satisfy.  You feel like you are just going through the motions.  Being tired is a component of burn-out, but you can be tired without being burned out.  Sadness and worry may also be […]

5 June

Help Is Not a Four Letter Word…Well, You Know What I Mean


      I absolutely love my job.  I know that every time I sit with a client, I am living my purpose  to help others resolve and move past the pain and create the lives they really want.  However, there are moments when I am counseling my clients and I realize, I need to […]

1 May

Spring Cleaning for Success Part 3: Clean Up Your Relationships


Spring is now in full bloom and it is time for the third part of my spring cleaning series. In part 1, we addressed physical clutter, in part 2 we addressed mental clutter and now we will tackle clutter in our relationships. In a recent session, one of my clients expressed her frustration that some […]

1 April

Spring Cleaning for Success Part 2


  It is time for the next part of my  Spring Cleaning series! Last month, I wrote about clearing out the physical clutter from your life to make space for what is most meaningful to you.  This month, we will be working on clearing out the mental clutter. There is some serious science behind clearing […]

5 March

Spring Cleaning for Success!


Even though¬†it still feels like the dead of winter, spring is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but once the weather is warm, the last thing I want to do is be inside doing my spring cleaning. That’s why I want to encourage you to do it now. Spring cleaning can take […]

14 February

I Have a Valentine’s Day Present for YOU!


Traditionally, Valentine’s Day focuses on romantic love, but take a moment to broaden your scope, to include all the types of love in your life: your love for your parents, children, friends, siblings and yourself. Are you really allowing yourself to experience all the love in your life or are you feeling disconnected and disappointed? […]

1 January

Let’s Revamp Your Resolutions


Last year at this time I asked you, “Is your resolution a revolving door?” This year I am wondering if you have bothered to make one at all. Personally, I don’t make New Years Resolutions for a number of reasons: 1.  Trying to make changes is more daunting after being out of routine. 2.  It […]

1 December

What Do You Want More Of This Holiday Season?


I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving! You probably have similar holiday tradition as I do. As we sit down to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal, my family and friends take turns expressing their gratitude. People usually acknowledge something intangible for which they are thankful, like their family, their safety from harm, their health, their friends. […]

5 November

Are You Ready to Look for the Silver Lining of Sandy’s Dark Clouds?


     As I write this I am warm and safe and dry as hurricane Sandy rages outside. I even have electricity, obviously!  Watching all of the doomsday predictions on TV has reminded me of an important lesson I learned in graduate school. Crisis intervention was an important part of my training to become a […]

5 October

Are You There Yet?


There have been a lot of news stories recently about cheating at some of the country’s most prestigious schools. While cheating is nothing new, these incidents are indicative of a different, more systemic problem.  Cheating used to be considered the result of poor preparation and poor impulse control. Students now seem to regard cheating as […]